Natural Breath Fresheners

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You know what’s super bad? Bad Breath! Not only does it give you a bad taste in your mouth and affect the foods you eat, but it also permeates the air all around you.

Bad Breath Stinks

  1. Bad breath can mean you have a buildup of plaque on your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth cause toxins to form. These toxins will irritate your gums and lead to bad breath. Here are great, natural ways to rid your body of those nasty toxins.
  2. Bad breath can also be an indication that there are other underlying causes such as foods, tobacco, poor dental habits, dry mouth, or other serious conditions.
  3. Bad breath can make you shy away from social situations due to embarrassment. It can also have the reverse effect when you notice friends shying away from you so they don’t have to smell your bad breath.
  4. Your bad breath may be due to poor digestion and poor gut health. If you have digestive issues, it may cause you to have excess gas in your body that needs to exit immediately. Sometimes the best exit for your gas is through your mouth. Take a moment to pause and be grossed out by that, we get it!

If you’re tired of dealing with your bad breath by covering it up and it’s not working for you, why not try to get to the root of your problem naturally! The first thing to do if you have persistent bad breath is to call Les Belles NYC. If it is a result of something serious, it’s important to get proper care for it. There are some types of metabolic diseases that can leave a very specific smell in your mouth.

Natural Breath Fresheners Straight From The Garden

Mint Me Up

Head to your garden, flowerpot or produce section of your grocery store and grab a handful of mint. Mint has many benefits that will help with your bad breath. Chewing on mint leaves has been working for thousands of years in the battle against bad breath. Why use products flavored to be like mint when you can have the real thing. Chewing on the mint will give you instant fresh breath. Don’t avoid swallowing it after your fresh chew. Swallow that goodness and it will continue to have benefits for you because it will promote improved digestion.

Additional benefits of mint:

  1. Anger management
  2. Depression
  3. Memory
  4. Fever reducer
  5. Menstrual irregularity

Luscious Lemons For Perfect Puckers

Grab a bag of lemons at the grocery store the next time you’re there. Your breath will be happy you did, and here’s why. Lemons are kind to your gut. They neutralize the excess acidic pH and can help eliminate your acidic residues from your mouth. Consider drinking warm lemon water in the morning. It gives your metabolism a morning kick-start and relieves any constipation. It also maintains the balance of your bacteria, which can lead to bad breath as well. Lemon also provides a fresh and clean scent in your mouth for instant fresh breath. Lemon oil has other benefits as well. Why not use it for its aromatherapy benefits?

Basically, It’s Just Basil

Let’s keep things simple and basic here, basic basil will win the battle over the bacteria that are causing you to have bad breath. Have you ever been introduced to this amazing little herb? If not, let us give you a formal introduction about just how great it is and why this herb needs to become your new best friend. Basil helps reduce your intestinal gas production, which helps with your bad breath. It fights antimicrobial flavonoids to prevent the entry of bacteria, viruses or fungi. It also helps with migraines, mental fatigue and menstrual periods.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil can be applied directly to the skin and does not require dilution. Apply it to your temples, tip of nose or reflex points. In ancient times, it was used to help with respiratory problems, digestive and kidney ailments, epilepsy, poisonous insect bites, fevers, epidemics, and malaria.

If you suffer from bad breath, your solution is most likely growing in your herb garden or sitting in the produce section at the grocery store. Give them a try!

Ready, Set, Get Growing!

Posted on behalf of Les Belles