Additional Patient Care

Les Belles NYC embraces a high standard of wholistic care for every member of your family. Our cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and biocompatible dentistry, combined with our serene office atmosphere, is designed to make your visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

To ensure convenient and comprehensive dental care, we offer the following additional services to our patients:

We understand that some patients may be suffering from severe “dental anxiety” and that’s why we take extra measures to provide a comfortable and safe experience. Aromatherapy oils and calming music can go a long towards putting patients at ease. Additionally, under the umbrella of Dental Anxiety Management, we can administer sedation treatment for patients that may be undergoing particularly difficult or extensive procedures, as well as to those who may have certain qualifying conditions. For instance, sedation may be required for a patient with a severe gag reflex or for a patient having their wisdom teeth extracted. Our highly trained staff will help you attain the level of comfort needed for an effective and relaxing experience.

Les Belles also offers pediatric dentistry, allowing families the convenience of accessing high-quality dental care in one office. Your little one will enjoy the time spent in our family-friendly environment. Why travel to a different office for pediatric dental care when you and your child can partake of the unique wholistic care offered at Les Belles NYC?

Sleep apnea is a widespread condition that may not seem like an oral health issue at first blush because some of its major symptoms include waking up with headaches, fatigue, and overall grogginess. However, it is in actuality, a general health and an oral health issue. Part of Les Belles NYC’s approach is to identify the root-cause afflictions preventing our patients from enjoying optimal health. With the proper diagnosis of sleep apnea, we can recommend effective treatment plans to improve your quality of life.

Our patient-doctor team approach means we work with you to ensure that your experience with us is the best it can be, for you and your entire family. Are you ready for the next level in oral healthcare? Contact us today to experience integrative wholistic care at Les Belles NYC.