Chipped Tooth Repair

Your smile says a lot about you, but is it broadcasting a different message from the one you desire? Though a chipped tooth may seem like a small matter, it can lead to physical discomfort, infection, and even low self-confidence if it is left untreated.

So, how can Les Belles NYC help you?

We know living a healthy lifestyle includes having a healthy mouth. With the help of the expert staff at Les Belles NYC, your smile can radiate a message of health and beauty. We offer our patients modern holistic care. Our commitment to helping you live a healthy lifestyle is reflected in the dental materials and technology we use, which are good for you and good for the environment. We will restore your chipped tooth using BPA-free filling materials, and the result will be a beaming smile you will always be proud to share.

Broken or Cracked Tooth Repair

New York City life can be frenetic but take the time to reflect when it comes to your oral health. A broken or cracked tooth can hinder your ability to eat the foods you love. Sensitivity to differing temperatures of foods and beverages can cause severe discomfort. Getting your broken or cracked tooth repaired will free your mind to fully engage with the things that matter in life. Your oral health and sense of well-being will be restored when you see the natural-looking result of our tooth repair, and your tongue is no longer intrigued with the ragged edge of a broken or cracked tooth.

Les Belles NYC offers a unique peaceful office environment, eco-conscious products, and holistic attention to your well-being. Our motto is: A healthy lifestyle begins and ends with a healthy mouth.