Gum & Heart Health

Gum Disease: A Total Body Health Concern

  • More than 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease and only 1% are treated for it
  • This is way more than about having fresh breath and white teeth
  • Gum disease contributes to whole body inflammation- persistent inflammation is a chronic condition linked to many systemic diseases and aging process.
  • Gum disease starts with harmful bacteria living around the teeth and under the gums. These bacteria can also contribute to heart disease and 57 other systemic health issues.
  • Total mouth disinfection is important to shift the microbiome from pathogenic and to prevent disease overall

Bleeding Gums Are Bad News

  • If we see bleeding gums during our routine exam and cleaning, it is a sign of inflammation and bacterial infection known as gum disease. Gum disease is chronic inflammation of the gum caused by specific strands of bacteria. Our goal is to eliminate inflammation in the mouth by reducing harmful bacteria load and to have zero bleeding.
  • The bacteria that causes gum disease destroys everything it touches, including the bones that support the teeth.
  • These bacteria are aggressive and without serious intervention, the infection will keep coming back.

Total Body Wellness

Diabetes – Heart Disease -Stroke Facts

  • Men with periodontal disease are 72% more likely to have heart disease
  • Every 25 seconds an American will have a heart attack, and 1 will die each minute
  • Diabetes puts you at risk for heart disease
  • Diabetes puts you at risk for kidney disease
  • Every 40 Seconds someone will have a storke and 23% already had one

Why It’s Important To Have a Complete Gum and Bone Exam

Bacteria from your mouth can influence the progression and severity of:

  • heart disease
  • stroke potential
  • diabetes and others

50% Of Patients Who Have A Heart Attack Or Stroke Have Normal Cholesterol Levels

  • Researchers now understand that events happen because of inflammation in the artery.
  • Salivary testing provides a more complete picture of your risk for heart disease, and which bacteria are living in your mouth that may be causing inflammation. By reducing the pathogenic biofilm in your mouth, your risk for a cardiac event is reduced.

Les Belles Periodontal Program

Recommended Protocol For Mild-Moderate Gum Disease:

5 Intervention visits

Includes: salivary testing for key bacteria families, full mouth manual disinfection with sulcular bacterial decontamination, full mouth laser and antibacterial treatment for gum reattachment.

Product Recommendations

Home Care Instructions

  • Floss and brush 2x’s daily
  • Tongue scraper 2x’s daily
  • Morning waterfloss with grapefruit seed extract (10 drops diluted in water reservoir for countertop version, 5 drops diluted in water for handheld mobile version)
  • Evening rinse with antibacterial maintenance rinse, 30 to 60 seconds

Grapeseed Oil Benefits

If you want to achieve longevity and vitality, you must have optimum oral health. We’re here to help keep you smiling so you can enjoy life’s special moments.

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