Sinus Lift

In an ideal world, we would all have perfect smiles and a lifetime of oral health. While dental implants can provide an avenue to achieve these perfect smiles, they also require solid bone of sufficient size and density for proper placement.

Did you know that humans tend to have less bone on their upper jaw than on their lower jaw? This is all well and good except in cases where dental implants are required on the upper jaw molar area but there is insufficient bone or space available for said implant. In such cases, sinus lifts, also known as sinus augmentation, may be required.

Indications for Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is an oral surgery procedure that moves the sinuses to protect them from upper molar dental implants, and/or to protect the sinuses by making room for a bone graft that will then be used to support upper molar dental implants. While not everyone who gets dental implants on their upper jaw will need a sinus lift, the following are two indicators that might qualify patients for this type of procedure.

  • Bone Loss, especially in the overall body as it ages, is a reality. In the jawbone area, bone loss can occur due to periodontal disease, the natural resorption of bone due to missing teeth, or even as the result of accidents and/or other surgeries. Whatever the reason or cause, the result is often that the remaining bone is too weak to support an upper molar implant.
  • Sinus Proximity, as the name suggests, is when the sinuses and jaw bone are located too close to each other. Our sinuses come in different shapes and sizes. For patients with sinuses located too close to the jawbone, an upper jaw dental implant might require more room before proper placement.

In either ease, it is imperative a patient consults with their dentist before undergoing implant procedures to ensure the foundation is there for their winning smile. Sinus lifts have a high success rate and we understand that any type of dental surgery is an investment in your oral health.

Our specialists at Les Belles will walk patients through the pre-and-post-procedure care of their sinus lift to ensure they understand how it works and when they can expect their follow up dental implant(s). Come schedule an appointment with us for a consultation to determine if sinus lifts, or an alternative procedure, is right for you.