Smiles are messengers to the world telegraphing important information about your appearance and health. When your smile is spoiled by unsightly gaps caused by missing teeth, it can be sending out the wrong message. Les Belles NYC can help change that message and restore your smile and oral health with a set of dentures or partial dentures.

Missing teeth affect more than your looks. Missing teeth equates to missing valuable surface area you need to chew your food properly and thoroughly. As a result, the body not only misses out on the vital nutrients it could be receiving, but it then must work harder to receive the nutrients available. Chronic kidney problems have even been found to be more prevalent in people with missing teeth.

Dentures will restore your chewing surfaces so you will be able to chew your food for proper digestion. Dentures also restore the vibrancy of your smile, making you look younger and healthier by supplying your facial muscles with the support they need to eliminate that sunken look; cheeks and lips look fuller giving you a more robust appearance.

Partial Dentures

Partials, like full dentures, are removable dental prosthetics designed to restore lost teeth. Partial dentures may be recommended to address your missing teeth if you are not a candidate for dental bridges or dental implants. However, just like full dentures, they restore your dazzling smile and give your facial features the support they need to enhance your appearance.

Les Belles NYC is dedicated to providing our patients with holistic oral healing using techniques and materials that are biocompatible and friendly to the environment. We celebrate the vibrancy of healthy living and encourage our patients to do the same.