Six Month Smiles

Are your teeth out of alignment, making your smile less appealing than it could? We may have a suitable orthodontic treatment for you at Les Belles NYC that will leave your smile straight within six months. One of our options for straightening misaligned teeth is the Six Month Smiles orthodontics system. This method is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who are looking for efficient results.

If you are self-conscious about your smile because of crooked teeth, Six Month Smiles may be just what you need to restore your sense of well-being. Hiding your smile is no way to go through life when there is so much to smile about. At Les Belles NYC, our team ensures that each patient has the best oral health possible and can smile with confidence.

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Straight Teeth in Just Six Months!

Six Month Smiles is a safe and effective method for achieving alignment. It is a process that involves the use of clear wires and brackets, perfect for adults who may not be comfortable with the more conspicuous and traditional metal wires and brackets on their teeth. Six Month Smiles offers a discreet method of straightening teeth, and treatment time that is faster than traditional braces. The Six-Month Smiles system focuses mainly on moving the teeth visible when you smile.

Low forces are used to move the teeth quickly and gently. While logic may tell you the system requires more tightening of the braces to move the teeth faster, this is actually not the case. Six Month Smiles uses the same orthodontic mechanics as regular braces but they are more comfortable than traditional braces.

At Les Belles NYC, we know how important your smile is to your outlook on life. You want to look and feel your best. If misaligned teeth are keeping you from living life to its fullest, let us help you get them straightened, so you can keep smiling.