Acceledent or Propel

Straighten Teeth Fast with Accelerated Orthodontics

At Les Belles, we understand that a straight smile often means a more confident smile as well as a healthier smile. Therefore, we have invested in the latest orthodontic treatments and tools to ensure patients get the straight smile they deserve, in the least amount of time possible. Our New York office proudly offers innovative technology such as AcceleDent, Propel and Propel VP5 to accelerate your orthodontic treatment plan. Whether you are undergoing Invisalign or another type of orthodontics, we can offer a painless and simple method to drastically reduce your time in aligners or braces. Systems such as AcceleDent and Propel rely on your body’s natural biology to promote bone remodeling and help your teeth align faster and more effectively.

AcceleDent, Propel and Propel VP5

A large majority of patients are excited about gaining a straighter smile, but they don’t love the idea of wearing brackets or aligners for a long period of time. At Les Belles, we can help solve this dilemma with the use of accelerated orthodontic products such as AcceleDent, Propel and Propel VP5. While AcceleDent, Propel and Propel VP5 have unique methodologies, they are all handheld devices that accomplish the same purpose: to speed up your time in braces or aligners. These cutting-edge products produce patented micro-pulses to accelerate bone remodeling. Bone remodeling is the process in which your underlying bone changes and becomes pliable enough to allow your teeth to shift into better alignment. This is also the part of orthodontics that generally takes the longest amount of time.

AcceleDent and Propel VP5 involve wearing a specified mouthpiece that distributes safe and gentle vibrations to accelerate tooth movement. These are highly calibrated micro-pulses that are strong enough to promote bone remodeling and make the jawbone more pliable for tooth movement, but gentle enough that patients barely know they’re using it. Products such as AcceleDent and Propel VP5 are worn for just minutes a day, but they may be able to take months off of your orthodontic treatment!

Propel and AcceleDent can be ideal for adults who have less bone development and a slower healing response. Many of our patients at Les Belles choose to combine their Invisalign treatment with Propel VP5 or AcceleDent to reap the following benefits:

  • Shifts teeth faster
  • Heals tissues faster
  • Stimulates jaw bone regeneration and development
  • Enhance the process and results of Invisalign

Wish you could cut your Invisalign treatment time in half? Consider our state-of-the-art tools in accelerated orthodontics at Les Belles in New York. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We welcome the opportunity to give patients a positive and highly rewarding experience when straightening their smile.