While a beautiful straight smile is very pleasing to look at, there are also some vital reasons for seeking straighter teeth. Misalignment of the teeth can affect your oral health in a variety of ways and orthodontic treatment helps eliminates the problems that misaligned teeth can cause.

Les Belles NYC offers orthodontic solutions for misaligned teeth using methods that produce results in less time than traditional braces. Metal wires and brackets are no longer necessary for all cases of misalignment. You now have options when it comes to straightening your teeth. When you make an appointment for a consultation regarding getting your teeth straightened, we will discuss the advantages of the different options. Extensive misalignment of molars, or cases of severe misalignment, may call for traditional braces. If this is the case, we are happy to make a referral to a highly qualified orthodontist.

Most misalignments of anterior teeth respond well to our options for straightening teeth:

Causes and Treatments for Misalignment

Many adults who wore braces as youngsters experience misalignment later in life. Retainers are usually part of the orthodontic treatment and when they are not worn, the teeth will naturally migrate back to their original position. This is known as orthodontic relapse. Additionally, teeth have a tendency to shift during the course of a person’s life whether or not orthodontic treatment was a part of their oral care.

It is also possible to speed up orthodontic work by moving teeth faster than traditional methods. Propel, VPro5 and AcceleDent eliminates months from the orthodontic procedure. These methods of accelerating the movement teeth is safe and effective.

AcceleDent and Propel’s VPro5 uses micropulses to accelerate the bone remodeling process and to help better seat Invisalign aligners. Teeth are also able to track more efficiently so the entire process of moving the teeth takes less time. Aligner trays can be changed 50% more often since the teeth move faster; the end result is a more comfortable orthodontic treatment and faster results.

Propel’s Excellerator makes little micro-osteoperforations in the bone between the teeth to be moved. They cause the body’s natural forces to kick in which stimulates the regrowth of bone in the space left by the tooth as it moves into the predetermined position.

Clinical studies have shown teeth can move in half the time of traditional braces using this method. Another advantage of the Propel system is that it can be used with any type of orthodontic treatment to speed up the results.

We know your time is valuable and your appearance is priceless. At Les Belles, we take pride in keeping up with breakthrough advances in dentistry so we can bring our patients treatments that are productive, effective and consistent with a healthy lifestyle. Ask us about AcceleDent, Propel and VPro5 as part of your orthodontic treatment.