Bring a smile, keep a smile, love a smile, give a smile.

At Les Belles NYC, we believe patient health comes first, we incorporate some principles of traditional holistic dentistry as a means of engaging our patients in the virtues of maintaining a vibrant, healthy lifestyles. But we are not ones to turn a blind eye to the fact that all over the world, natural and man-made disasters abound. There are people fighting for their lives or trying to rebuild them, and it can be overwhelming for those stuck in the middle of that to secure access to quality healthcare. We know that the remedy to this does not fall to just one person or group. It takes communities of families, friends, and strangers coming together to make this world a better and healthier place for everyone.

To that end, Les Belles NYC would like to introduce our philanthropic venture – a partnership with Portalove Inc. and Hope Education Project.


Portalove Inc. is a non-profit organization that builds clinics and provides dental care and preventative education in refugee camps around the world, with specific focus on Syrian-Jordanian border camps. Each camp houses anywhere from 80,000-120,000 refugees, which are comprised mostly of women and children. For the denizens of these camps, untreated dental issues can quickly and easily blossom into life-threatening ones.

It is difficult enough trying to organize and coordinate medical services in countries and places that have not been torn apart by war and civil conflict. Les Belles NYC supports Portalove Inc. in its mission to save lives and provide dental care by raising money, purchasing, and shipping essential dental supplies and materials to these camps.


The Hope Education Project is a non-profit organization that offers educational development programs to Syrian families settled in Clarkston, Georgia. By bringing together Atlanta high school and college students with refugee families in their Buddy program, the Hope Education Project seeks to foster community by helping these immigrant families develop critical English language skills so they can build and adapt to new lives in the states.

How you can help

We aim to preserve the future of tomorrow by ensuring the smiles of today and have adapted a simple and effective way for our patients to pay their beautiful smiles forward. By maintaining your smile, you will provide a smile for someone less fortunate. A portion of proceeds from every routine hygiene appointment will be used to fund Portalove Inc. and Hope Education Project. If a stitch in time saves nine, then just imagine what a smile can do. Les Belles NYC invites our patients and friends to journey with us to find out.



Art courtesy of the children of Zaatari Refugee Camp