Les Belles

“I have a passion for building and the purpose of that passion is to give back. I think Les Belles was born from that. The heart and soul of this brand is about creating an experience based on people, that serves people, to make people happy.”

Dr. Sharon Huang, Founder

Les Belles NYC is a Manhattan-based practice with a unique mission – providing world-class integrative wholistic dentistry to their patients.

What is wholistic dentistry? In short, it is a philosophy embraced by Les Belles that incorporates looking at patient health as a whole, rather than providing fragmented dental care. Oral health is about more than getting dazzling teeth at the end of a visit. It serves as a microcosm of our overall well-being, which is why we at Les Belles look beyond the surface to pinpoint the true sources of dental ailments to provide our patients with long-lasting, affordable, and beautiful solutions.

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products and cutting-edge technology to enhance the patient’s experience, to minimize pain and recovery time following complex procedures, and to promote vibrant and healthy lifestyle choices.

Led by Dr. Sharon Huang, our phenomenal staff and expert dentists employ a patient-first approach that ensures our patients are not only confident and informed about their treatment, but also empowered with easy-to-use and convenient payment and scheduling options.

Our comprehensive dental services paired with two luxurious offices await you. Book an appointment online, email info@lesbellespark60.com, or call us today at (212) 804-7197 to schedule an appointment.