Smell Your Way To A Better Smile: 10 Aromatherapy Oils That Will Leave You With A Grateful Grin

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This season of fall always makes a mental mark on our senses that changes are happening all around us. Our eyes are enjoying the fantastic changes in color in our city. Central Park is swirling with earthy colors all over the orange, red, yellow, brown and green color spectrum. Our mouths are being indulged with the rich flavors of roasted pumpkins, squash and apples. Our ears are being marked by cooler temperatures as they are making them red on the top. This signals that it’s soon time to pull out the winter caps.

And then there’s our noses- Oh the smells to be enjoyed this fall as we celebrate the harvest and the long-awaited snow that’s about to lay a blanket of fresh white over our city. The smells of fall trigger memories of Thanksgiving feasts, hayrides, pumpkin patches and warm herbal teas on a cold night. Did you know that there are specific smells that can trigger complex emotions and memories?

This memory and emotional trigger can be attributed to your brain anatomy. When you smell something, it is processed by your olfactory bulb inside your nose. It then travels along the bottom of your brain. There is a direct connection between your olfactory bulb and brain. Other senses do not have the same physical connection, and this may be why olfaction is such a strong trigger to your emotions and memories.

Take a long deep breath and enjoy these 10 aromatherapy oils that will promote your grateful grin during this time of Thanksgiving.

Breath #1- Spruce Oil

The smell of evergreens ushers in the scents of cooler weather. Spruce oil is known to awaken your spiritual awareness, intuition and heighten your senses. It is known for grounding your body to create balance. This balance allows you openness to give and receive. It also may help dilate your bronchial tract to improve your oxygen exchange. If you are experiencing an emotional block, spruce oil can help in releasing that so you can fully experience all that this season has to offer you.

Breath #2 Rosewood Oil

Rosewood oil not only is soothing to your skin, but it also is a gift to your mind, body and emotions. It has an appeasing effect on your mind. It offers relaxation to your body and gives you a sensation of peace and gentleness.

Breath #3 Frankincense Oil

Just as this oil was offered as a gift given by kings upon his arrival on earth, it continues to be a rich gift you can give yourself each day. It is known to enhance your communication with your creator. This gift will promote a positive attitude in you.

Breath #4 Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil has many benefits to your physical well-being, but it also enhances your sex life. It is known to be a sexual stimulant, and that makes just about everyone grin a little wider!

Breath #5 Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is often associated with love. It has traditionally been known to balance the body and to go to work wherever the body needs it to. The common phrase to remember about lavender is: “When in doubt, grab lavender and use it.” Its aromatic influences include: promoting consciousness, health, love, peace and a sense of well-being.

Breath #6 Lemon Oil

While you may think of lemons as being refreshing, it also is known to warm you as well. It promotes your physical energy and purification. When used as aromatherapy, its fragrance is enhancing, invigorating and warming.

Breath #7 Rosemary Oil

The smell of rosemary triggers the scents of Thanksgiving feasts. It is known to stimulate your memory, and has the ability to open your conscious mind.

Breath #8 Wintergreen Oil

When you want to open your mind you often pop in a piece of wintergreen gum. There’s a reason for this, wintergreen oil is known to elevate, open and increase your awareness in your sensory system. When your senses are opened it allows you to fully be aware of all that you are grateful for.

Breath #9 Ylang Ylang Oil

This oil in its original form of wild flowers had no scent. Through cloning and selection, its unique smell is now known to be used to cover the beds of newlyweds because it influences sexual energy and helps alleviate anger.

Breath #10 Rose Oil

Roses are beautiful to look at, but their oils are almost intoxicating and aphrodisiac-like. They provide you with a sense of well-being and elevates your mind.

While these oils can enhance your grateful grin, they can’t address all of your smile issues. Visit us at Les Belles NYC to continue your journey toward your better smile and grateful grin!

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