Skin Therapy

Woman relaxing with a charcoal facial mask.

Mud has been used and enjoyed for thousands of years. Humans have sought after the medicinal muds and healing clays for centuries. These rich muds can be found deep in underground veins or estuaries. It is one of the oldest skin treatments known to man.

Why Mud?

Clays are the perfect skin purifying and beautifying agents. The reason for this is because they are filled with dense molecular structures. They have tiny particles that have wide surface areas that make it absorbent. This absorbency allows it to suck toxins out of your tissues. This natural contamination extraction power is not found anywhere else in nature.

Mud also has the ability to conform to any space or place. Mud that is moist can reach the tiniest corners and areas of your face and body. When it’s moist enough it is easily manipulated into whatever space you wish is to be.

The clay detoxifies through your skin. It acts as a magnet that attracts harmful substances that are built-up in your body. High toxin loads in your body will create skin issues, chronic pain, low energy levels, allergies, and recurring illnesses.

Mud therapy also is a great anti-aging tool. In particular, mud masks help in treating your skin blemishes. Mud masks draw excess oil from your pores, which can create blemishes or acne. The nutrients and vitamins contained in a mud mask absorb into your skin and give you skin a healthy dose of ingredients that make your skin look and feel younger.

Which Mud Therapy Is Right For You?

Entire Body Mud Wrap

An entire body mud wrap is beneficial for detoxification, relaxation and nutrient restoration. The wrap must stay on your body for a period of time to allow the maximum benefits to optimal nutrient absorption. Exfoliation and showering is a great precursor to your mud wrap. All of this will help relax your muscles and relieve pain in your entire body. You can read about other under-appreciated nutrients your body may need here.

Mud Mask

The benefits of mud masks are endless. Mud masks can be targeted to your specific needs as well. Different types of muds treat different types of issues.

Bentonite Clay is good for addressing acne issues. It is very absorbent for oils, but it also is packed with electric properties that attract toxins from your face.

Kaolin Clay comes in a variety of colors. This is gentle clay and is ideal for sensitive or dry skin. It offers mild exfoliation and circulation-boosting benefits.

Fuller’s Earth Clay is a great absorber of oil and toxins. It addresses hyperpigmentation and it has mild bleaching properties as well.

French Green Clay is found in France and is great for pore-tightening and oil absorption. It is green in color, which can be attributed to the decomposed plant materials and iron oxide in it. It not only absorbs oils, but it also pulls your blood towards the surface of your skin, which gives it a younger-looking appearance.

Rhassoul Clay can be used in your skin and hair. This super-rich clay is found in Morocco. It absorbs oils and toxins and improves the elasticity and texture of your skin.

At Les Belles NYC, we focus on the long-term effects of materials on your body because your oral health is an integral part of your overall health and well-being. Book your appointment with us today as you continue finding ways to rid your body of harmful toxins and nourish your body with gifts from nature.

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