Nature’s Gifts for Healthy Holiday Eats and Treats

Fresh salmon with spices , dill and lemons on the chopping board.

December is the happiest time of year for our tastebuds! During the holiday season, the days abound with trays and plates of delectable confections of all types, some of which are only served up annually. Fortunately, you can create delicious holiday eats and treats that are healthy, wholesome and perfect for this time of year.

Eye Candy

A popular adage many chefs allude to from time to time is, “You eat with your eyes first.” Presentation is king when it comes to food. The colors, textures, shape and volume of what you see determines whether or not you want to eat it. Those buttery holiday cookies decorated just so can make you forget or ignore that you have an eating plan you would like to stick with. When it looks good, your mindset tells you it must taste good, too! Your mindset may not remind you that those cookies are loaded with sugar and other ingredients that may not be so healthy for your body or your teeth.

The good news is there are healthy sugar substitutes available, allowing you to make mouth-watering holiday cookies, cakes and pies that taste as good as they look. The internet provides a treasure trove of low-carb, low-sugar recipes. Additionally, healthy sugar substitutes may allow you to make your holiday favorites without the health concerns of too much sugar.

Some sugar substitutes such as xylitol may even be helpful to the oral environment. Sugar feeds harmful bacteria in the mouth. Xylitol does not encourage the growth of these acid producing germs. In fact, tooth enamel is not affected due to the neutral pH that xylitol helps maintain. Studies have shown that mints and gum with xylitol actually help decrease plaque buildup. Erythritol may be even better. This sugar substitute does not cause digestive distress and is completely absorbed by the body.

Make the Mundane Marvelous

There are all types of colorful and tasty fruits and veggies that are perfect for the holidays. Grocery stores now offer a wider variety of these gifts from nature than they did years ago. With some creative touches, you can transform a simple fruit or vegetable tray into a work of art. The true value of these delights is that, in general, the nutrition they contain is good for your body and your teeth.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables have the added bonus of helping remove plaque from your teeth. During the hectic holiday season, this can be important, especially with all the other less healthy treats in abundance.

Your beautiful smile is often a cost-free meaningful gift you can give to others. Keep it beautiful and healthy during the holidays by staying hydrated and brushing and flossing twice a day. If you have any pain or oral discomfort, be sure to call LesBelles NYC Dentistry and schedule an appointment.

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