Make the Most of Your 2023 Dental Plan

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Every new year brings a fresh opportunity for a new start on multiple fronts. People make plans for their health and well-being. January is the month when millions of Americans start new diets, begin new exercise routines, make plans to be more productive and stop procrastinating and a host of other undertakings. While you are making plans for 2023, now is also the perfect time to plan your dental care for the year.

What’s In Your Dental Insurance Plan?

You are paying good money for dental insurance, and you do not want to leave any money on the table. Now is the time to look over your policy and find out exactly what benefits you have. After you become familiar with what your specific plan offers, you can then plan your dental care over the year to make the most of your plan.

One mistake people often make is waiting until the end of the year to use their insurance benefits. Depending on the amount of your deductible, you could be losing hundreds of dollars when you wait until the last minute to get dental care.

Know Your Policy

Your insurance policy is probably renewed every year. Most use a calendar year with January being the start date of benefits. However, there are some policies that may begin the day you get the insurance or they may have another start date and the insurance will renew a year from that date. In order for you to get the most out of your benefits, it is important that you know your start date.

Making your dental care plans as close to the start date as possible can help you save money and make the most of your benefits, especially when you have family coverage. Deductibles need to be paid before the actual coverage begins. This is one reason why waiting until the last minute is not advisable.

When your insurance resets for the new year, your deductible also resets. For this reason, you want to pay it as soon as possible after it resets so you can use your coverage on dental procedures. This way of pre-planning can save you money.

Ask for Help

You can get help from your insurance company or our business manager if you need assistance to determine the best way of using your insurance. We want you to maintain your best oral health and making the most of your insurance is the most economical way of doing this. Call Les Belles NYC today to schedule your appointment for a thorough oral examination so you can plan your dental care for 2023.

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