Keep Your Smile Healthy and Bright During this Sweet, Sweet Season!

Young woman with perfect smile relaxing in the fall park.
Every year it begins with pumpkin spice everything in October: lattes, shakes, smoothies, chai teas, cookies, cakes and pies; and don’t forget bags full of candy treats. November adds in all kinds of tasty pies, candied fruit and spicy ciders. Then comes December full of cookies, cakes, pies, wines and sweet holiday drinks topped off with candy canes. In many households, the holiday season is one of merriment and cheer and one big festival of sweets. How is a healthy smile to survive?

Spend a While with Your Smile

Once the holiday season gets into full swing, schedules can become crammed with so much to do that regular oral hygiene can easily get pushed to the side. This is not the time to skip that routine. With the extra consumption of sweets and less than healthy foods and beverages, good oral hygiene is imperative if you want to keep your smile healthy and bright.

Sugary foods and beverages can take a toll on the health of your teeth. They may taste wonderful, but all that sugar is feeding the harmful bacteria living in your mouth. Without proper brushing and flossing on a regular basis every day, your teeth become more susceptible to dental decay.

In addition to dental decay, be aware that the foods you eat and beverages you drink may stain your teeth. This is not to say that you cannot indulge in those sumptuous blueberry muffins or enjoy that glass of cabernet sauvignon. Just be sure not to shirk your oral hygiene routine.

Teeth are Not Nutcrackers or Box Cutters

Some families traditionally have a bowl of mixed nuts as part of their holiday fare. Cracking open the shells of these treats should be left to the nutcrackers, not the teeth. Even though you may think your teeth are strong enough to do the job, a cracked or broken tooth can be a painful and expensive problem.

Likewise, tearing boxes open with your teeth is also not a good idea. Getting to the presents is exciting, but using your teeth to speed up the process could result in a damaged tooth. Use a box cutter or scissors.

Include Water and Healthy Foods in Your Holiday Diet

Many of the tantalizing dishes consumed during the holidays are only available once a year, so it is understandable if you want to indulge. Just be sure to include healthy foods and plenty of water to help maintain a bright, healthy smile. Crunchy foods like fresh apples and carrots do double duty by being healthy foods to eat, and they also help clean off some of the food debris from your teeth. Apples also help kill off the bad bacteria that encourages halitosis.

Be sure to treat your teeth and gums with care so your holiday pictures will reflect your sparkling, bright smile. Enjoy your sweet holiday season and trust Les Belles NYC Dentistry to help you keep that smile healthy. Call us today for your dental requirements.

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