Stop Teeth Grinding and Sleep Well Again

A woman stretching in bed after having a good sleep at night.
If you grind your teeth throughout the night without notice, you could be applying substantial pressure, as much as 250 pounds of force, leading to long-term problems with the temporomandibular joint.

Treatment may not be able to eliminate teeth grinding, but it can reduce its impact and frequency, as well as alleviate associated symptoms. We offer sleep apnea treatment at Les Belles and make custom-made oral appliances that alleviate bruxism.

How Do You Know If You Need to See a Dentist About Teeth Grinding?

Let us know if you have pain in your jaw, neck or mouth. These are symptoms of teeth grinding while you sleep. For those with severe bruxism, we may notice damage to the teeth during cleaning and know you have been grinding your teeth. This is one of the reasons getting biannual checkups is essential.

Sleep bruxism harms your oral health and overall wellness because it disrupts your rest. Therefore, it should be dealt with to avoid further complications.

Our dental team can diagnose and treat sleep bruxism to spare you any unpleasantries. When there are constant symptoms of morning headaches and jaw pain, unrefreshing sleep or risk for long-term damage to teeth, mouthguards are a possible answer.

How Does a Mouthguard Treat Sleep Bruxism?

Mouthguards are custom-made mouthpieces worn at night that hold the jaw in place, preventing teeth from grinding. In addition, some mouthguards partially expand the jaw, allowing the masseter muscles to relax.

These appliances can cover the entire upper or lower arch of teeth or only a portion of the mouth. Although they cannot eliminate sleep bruxism, they can alleviate some of its adverse effects.

Advice for Partners Who Lose Sleep Because of Teeth Grinding Noise

Those suffering from sleep bruxism are not the only ones to lose sleep. Partners of those who grind their teeth may struggle to get the rest they need, too.

Teeth grinding can be noisy and distracting. You do not have to lose any more sleep over it if you encourage your partner to see us for treatment.

Sleep Well Again by Scheduling an Appointment Today

Whether you suffer from bruxism or your partner does, call Les Belles to schedule an appointment and make teeth-grinding issues a thing of the past.

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