Splashing Your Home With All-Natural Cleaning Products!

Nutshells of soapnuts in a cotton bag for laundry on a white wood.

You just did a cleansing of your body to rid it of harmful toxins to start your new year off right. You’re feeling fresh, healthy, congratulations! Just as you considered cleansing your body of harmful toxins, you will want to consider how to prevent those toxins from entering back into your body as you clean your home. One way to do this is to carefully examine the cleaning products used in your home.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends almost two hours per day doing all household activities such as: laundry, food preparation, interior cleaning, etc. This is a lot of time spent on your home. It’s important to take into consideration the products you are using during those household chores.

Here are a few tips for you as you embark on cleaning while avoiding harmful toxins.

Cleaning Your Countertops

Keeping your countertops clutter-free is the first step in giving you a fresh start to your kitchen orderliness and cleanliness. Next, you’ll want to consider a way to keep germs away with natural DIY cleaning products. Vinegar is the safe and natural solution to almost every household issue you may have. The problem with vinegar is the odor it emits. To get the antibacterial value to vinegar, yet give your house a fresh clean smell at the same time, consider this DIY cleaning recipe.

Use the peel of grapefruit and place them in a glass jar. Pour vinegar (approximately 2 cups) into the jar and put a lid on it. Let it soak for about one week. After the soaking period, strain the peels and pour the mixture into a spray bottle along with water and approximately 6 drops of tea tree oil.

Shake your cleaning product before using, and you’re ready to both clean and enjoy the aromatic benefits of the citrusy smell in your home!

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floors not only look beautiful in your home, but there’s something about hardwood that grounds you. The warm look and feel of earth’s wood to walk on everyday offers a sense of peace and security to your home. Keeping your hardwoods clean while maintaining their integrity can be tricky for some. A hardwood cleaning trick is using castile soap. It is a concentrated vegetable-based cleaning product. Its pH is 8.9, which means it is neutral and does not have the acidic punch of vinegar, so it’s ideal for your natural floors.

To make your natural hardwood floor cleaner combine 2 gallons of hot water, 2 tablespoons of castile soap and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mop your floors with the solution, and then wipe the floor once more with plain, clean water. Enjoy your clean floors along with their aromatic scent as well.

Cleaning Your Laundry

The thought of wrapping your body on a daily basis in toxins is repulsive. However, that’s what we end up doing when we clothe ourselves with clothes that have been washed and dried in harmful chemicals.

In order to keep your laundry clean and toxin-free, use soap nuts. Soap nuts are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and a cleaning agent. Add 4 to 5 soap nuts in a cloth bag and place it in your washer. Start your wash cycle and let the soap nuts do their cleaning magic while remaining safe for your skin and body. You can reuse the bag of soap nuts for up to approximately 4 loads of laundry.

Cleaning Your Toilet

Let’s just all agree that we all must use a toilet every single day of our lives. It’s part of life. It’s natural, right? So when considering how to clean your toilet naturally, it’s easy!

Sprinkle ½ cup of vinegar, 1 cup baking soda, and 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil on and in your toilet. Let it sit on the surfaces for about 15 minutes and do their magic of disinfecting and cleaning. Wipe and scrub the surfaces, then flush.

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