7 Sexy Smile Essential Tools

New York NY Holistic DentistIt’s Valentine’s Day! It’s time to show the one you love, just how deep your affection runs. Whether your Valentine has been your spouse for many years, or one that you secretly have a crush on, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools for your sexy smile.

Tool #1 Confidence

Confidence must accompany all other tools you may consider using. Any sexy smiles attempted that are weak, half-hearted, or unnoticeable are all useless. Make your sexy smile count by flashing it with an attitude of “I am awesome-sauce.” Your Valentine recipient will instantly be attracted to your strength and self-confidence.

Tool #2 Luscious Lips

The thought of smiling with cracked or dry lips hurts just thinking about it. If your lips are dry or cracking from this winter’s harsh weather, consider making them luscious by drinking plenty of water.

You can also use a homemade honey lip scrub. Honey’s humectant properties lock in your lip’s moisture. Combine your honey with a little sugar and almond oil. Gently rub in onto your lips and have instantly soft, moist and VERY sweet kissable lips. Pucker up!

Tool #3 Eye Contact

Be sure to couple your smile with eye contact. It’s one of the most powerful ways to make your Valentine feel recognized, understood, and wanted. While you’re smiling, hold your gaze on their eyes. Your eyes act as the messenger of your soul.

Tool #4 White Teeth

Close your eyes and envision someone smiling at you. Your picture in your mind is probably of a person with pearly white teeth surrounded by beautiful lips that are smiling. What if you opened your eyes to see a smile accompanied by yellowish, dull or gray teeth? It kind of can disrupt your sexy smile vision, can’t it? White is the symbol of light, goodness, innocence and purity. Make sure your teeth are prepared for your smile. If they’re not ready, Les Belles NYC has both in-office and at-home whitening options for you.

Tool #5 Fresh Breath

If you’re planning on going beyond a sexy smile with your Valentine, be sure your breath is ready. You never know, your sexy smile could lead to a very sexy kiss. Wouldn’t that just be awesome? Be ready for the kiss by ensuring that your breath is fresh and free from yuck! You can do this by drinking plenty of water and maintaining proper daily dental habits.

For a quick and natural breath freshener grab a handful of cloves, fennel seeds or aniseeds and chew on them. They have antiseptic qualities that will help fight against halitosis-causing bacteria.

Tool #6 Words

Let’s face it, a smile is super sexy, but words properly pieced together can have a much sexier and lasting effect. After your smile wins the attention of your Valentine, now it’s time to speak from those lips. Let your words be filled with truth, weight and beauty.

Consider offering:

  • a thoughtful compliment
  • an invitation to fun or adventure
  • an inquiring question
  • an offer to help
  • a whisper of affection

Tool #7 Hydrate

Your sexy smile will be complete by staying hydrated. Proper hydration keeps your skin and lips moist, but it also helps keep your teeth look great as well. The water you drink promotes good saliva production, which will help fight against the harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your mouth.

Life is beautiful, so are you! Your smile is one of your best assets. Use it! Les Belles NYC’s mission is to provide support for healthy, happy and beautiful lives for you, and all your friends, and all your friends’ friends. Come see us today. Beautiful life and love matter to us!

Posted on behalf of Les Belles