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So, thinking about taking the plunge and booking an appointment for your first teeth whitening procedure? Well, here are some quick and easy tips!

Things You Should Know—The Benefits 

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Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic procedure that involves bleaching tooth enamel.  While Teeth Whitening can be done at home or in the dentist’s office, we will focus on in office teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth Whitening is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to achieve lighter, brighter teeth.  It is safe because it does not damage the teeth, and during the procedure, the dentist protects the patient’s gums from any irritation that might result from the application of the whitening gel. Patients can expect to see immediate results after just one treatment.

How does it work?

Teeth whitening involves the application of a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide.  The molecules inside hydrogen peroxide breaks down to diffuse color pigments and stains when applied on enamel, resulting in lighter, brighter teeth.

How light will my teeth get?

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The results of your whitening treatment depend on a number of factors. The biggest determining factor is how much stain is on your teeth.  Whitening gel works by dissolving stain particles in your teeth. Your teeth will get as white as your natural tooth color before the stains were there. The second determining factor is the thickness of your enamel. Enamel, the “white, translucent layer,” is the most superficial layer on your teeth, and it is the layer that harbors most of your stains. The thicker this “white layer” is, the better your whitening result will be after the stains are exfoliated. If you have thin enamel, dentin, the second layer on your teeth which possesses a natural yellow color, will shine through and so you might not see as big of a difference after the whitening treatment.

What You Should Look Out For

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White Spots

One of the common questions patients have about teeth whitening is whether it will eliminate pre-existing white spots on their teeth. The answer is no, at least not at first. White spots may exist on your teeth for a number of reasons and can be caused by calcium deposits, prior dental work, or even a genetic predisposition. White spots are usually hidden by stains which is why most people don’t even notice them. When your teeth are whitened, stains will start to exfoliate and these pre-existing white spots will lighten too. However, before your procedure, the dentist will go over your teeth and identify what areas might harbor white spots. Following a whitening procedure, these spots may appear more prominently at first, but over time, they should start to blend in.

The “White” Diet

You just got your gorgeous new smile and now you have to protect it while the pores in your enamel adjust. It might be a pain but it is important to keep your teeth healthy and bright by avoiding substances like coffee, tea, or berries that can stain your teeth–at least for the first 48 hours. If you do ingest something that can stain your teeth, rinse you mouth immediately with water.  If you can’t live without coffee, try drinking ice coffee through a straw.

Tooth Sensitivity

Some patients report mild sensitivity following a teeth-whitening procedure, however, the sensitivity will subside in 24 hours. Sensitivity may be monitored and treated by simple over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.  It is very important to monitor sensitivity throughout the bleaching process.  Patients should alert our team when they begin to experience discomfort.   Our team can help alleviate sensitivity by the application of desensitizing agents. An in-office whitening treatment usually requires three 15-minute sessions, however, finishing all 3 sessions is not for everyone. Most people achieve a good result within 1-2 sessions.

Dr. Sharon Huang specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and teeth whitening at Les Belles NYC, Manhattan’s premiere Grand Central dental office.

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