Sweet Smiles: 10 Sweet Tooth Tips For The Scary Halloween Temptations

Candies in waffle cones.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means the aisles of every store are haunting us with their sweet temptations and delectable little treats. They are like little sugar monsters with hands reaching out for you and screaming your name (specifically YOUR name). It’s just so very creepy and strange how they know your name AND your weakness. And yet, we all tend to be drawn to that haunted aisle every fall. Why is that?

Some people have a stronger sweet tooth than others. At times, a hyperactive sweet tooth craving can be a signal that you’re not eating a nutrient-dense diet. Sugars also release serotonin, which boosts your mood. If you regularly consume sugary foods it can become a habit and you begin to crave these types of foods.

Craving is one thing, but when you consume the sugar-filled foods as a habit, it can become damaging to your teeth. This Halloween, don’t let the little sugar monster control and consume you. Put your dukes up and be ready to fight your sweet tooth with these helpful tips.

    1. Choose naturally sweet foods. It’s ok to indulge your sweet tooth, but do it with the right things. Choose sweet fruits to eat. Fall is a great time to have friends over for apple bobbing. It’s a fun way to promote healthy sweets. Flavor your water with natural sweetness by squeezing fresh fruits and herbs into your glass.Try this blackberry sage water. Add sage and blackberries into a glass. Use a muddler or wooden spoon to release the juices. Fill your glass with ice, add water, stir and enjoy!
    2. If you do want to have a sweet, choose ones that won’t remain in your mouth for a long time. Hard candies stay in your mouth for a long time as you gradually suck them. This can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay.
    3. Drink fluoridated water. This will help prevent tooth decay. Water also helps in washing away foods and sugars that want to hang around in your mouth.
    4. Maintain a healthy diet. Foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamins and minerals help your body feel satisfied. Fill your body with rich and nutritious foods, so your sugar cravings won’t have space to roam around and then rear its ugly head.
    5. If you choose to venture into the sweet aisle, sneak in and search for sweet gum with the ADA seal. According to the American Dental Association, chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after meals can help reduce tooth decay. It works this way because it increases your saliva flow, which aids in washing out food and neutralizing the acid in your mouth produced by bacteria.
    6. Stay away from scary sticky candies. They like to stick to your teeth and creep around in there for a long time.
    7. Maintain your proper dental routine. If you do choose to sneak a sweet treat from your child’s Halloween candy stash, be sure you and your little costumed cutie continue proper dental habits of brushing twice a day and flossing one time per day.
    8. Eat dark chocolate! Dark chocolate is filled with health benefits for your body and dental health. It is a delicious way to feed your body with antioxidants and can even help your heart, brain, skin and cardiovascular system.For a deliciously sweet dark chocolate treat, try melting dark chocolate in a slow cooker. Wash fresh strawberries and then pat them dry. Let your strawberry take a dip into the dark rich chocolate. Place it on non-stick paper and let it cool and harden. However, before it hardens you may want to give it a second dip into crushed nuts for additional health benefits.
    9. Have a plan of attack. If you really struggle with being surrounded by all of the tempting sweets, make a plan for victory over it this fall. Don’t enter into temping situations. Stay out of the sweet aisle. Don’t keep sweet treats in your house. If you have a child who just came home with a load of candy, allow her to choose her 10 favorite pieces to enjoy over the next couple of weeks, then donate the rest and get it out of the house.
    10. Continue your regular checkups and cleanings with our dentists at Les Belles NYC. At Les Belles, we want to help you fight the sweet tooth battle. Our regular dental checkups and cleanings are crucial in maintaining your overall health. Is it time to schedule your appointment this fall? Call and book your appointment today.
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