Gum and Heart Health-Les Belles on Fox 5 and the Today Show

Everything that is happening for you right now, began with an idea and a belief in what is possible.

I wanted my mission to touch as many lives as possible. I placed this image in my mind…I saw myself sharing my gifts and how it would impact the world. In this past week, I appeared on not one, but 2 major news outlets to help promote healthy habits that can ultimately save lives.

My practice of medicine is the mouth. The mouth is often forgotten about in medicine but it is the entry way for so many diseases! New research shows healthy people having heart attacks younger and younger due to chronic inflammation. One of the major sources of inflammation is gum disease, and over half of Americans over age 30 now have it.

At Les Belles, we’ve developed a comprehensive wholistic approach to reducing inflammation. It begins with bacterial testing to identify pathogens that increase your risk for heart attack and stroke. By disinfecting the mouth through our periodontal program, we can effectively reduce bacteria, and extend the health and longevity of our patients.

This research is newsworthy, and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to shed light on such an important topic in heart disease prevention, through total oral health. If you’d like to have your saliva tested for inflammatory pathogens, request this during your next exam and we can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke with an effective in office and at home product regimen.

You can watch the video recaps below. Special thanks to the team at Fox 5 and the Today Show for having me!

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Did you know flossing can help reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke? Inflammation is the number one root cause of disease and a main source of inflammation starts in the mouth. If you start one new healthy habit this fall, consider upleveling your oral hygiene routine. Boost your breath and your longevity with a few simple changes and keep bad bacteria at bay.

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