Goldilock’s Our “Just Right” Kinda Girl – Cheers to Moms and Women

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Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating your mom, or being celebrated as a mom, it’s a special day. For every special day and event, gifts must accompany it to make it extra special. How are you doing thinking of gift ideas for yourself, or to buy for your mom? Have you heard all the rage about the Instant Pot, the crockpot/pressure cooker? What are your thoughts on getting women gifts for cooking? Some women are offended by getting a tool to help cook for the person who gave them the gift. It’s a win-win situation for the buyer. Others will be trilled with the gift…the lesson from this is to know who you’re buying for. The Instant Pot could be an instant “hit” or could get you a hit in arm! Shop with caution in the kitchen aisle for Mother’s Day.

Then there’s the extravagant gift that you or your mom would never buy for yourself. It’s a safe bet to say that any gift bought on Fifth Avenue would be a winner. Anything ending in …iffany or …Vuitton have a nice ring to them, don’t they? The smell of a new leather purse, or the shimmer of a sparkling ring on your hand sound very appealing, don’t they?

Let’s face it though, shopping for women can be hard. Every woman has her own tastes and preferences. Ever heard of the Goldilocks Effect? If you haven’t heard of it, the name is quite appropriate for most women. It’s basic premise is that you have preferences and it’s always a matter of finding what’s “just right” of you. Here’s a little back-story on sweet Goldilocks to help explain this Goldilocks Effect.

Remember Goldilocks? She was a bit fussy, and oh so very pretty with her cute ringlet curly hair. To summarize her journey through her very own fairy tale: She was skipping through the forest. She comes across a bear’s cottage. She ventures inside and finds no one home. (Remember, this is a fairy tale, no girl in her right mind would walk right into a bear dwelling). Nobody’s home, this is good news for our precious Goldilocks. She spies three bowls of porridge, samples Mama’s, Papa’s and Baby’s bowls and Baby’s is spot on! She gobbles it up and presumably, she loosens her white apron belt tied snuggly around her waist. Feeling full and super fine, she decides to park it in a chair. Papa’s and Mama’s are just not right. Baby’s chair is on point! However, all that porridge eating caught up to her, and the chair suddenly breaks. CRASH! Goldilocks’ a bit more disheveled after all of the food and the grand fall off the chair. A bit shaken up, she needs a nap. Guess whose bed was calling her name? You guessed it, Baby’s bed!

Now here’s where the story takes a curve ball because Goldilocks is feeling pretty traumatized by all of the eating and breaking and she falls asleep. The Bear Family enters the house and discovers someone’s been messing with their stuff. We’ll spare you all the “he saids” and “she saids” in this portion of the fairy tale, because there’s a lot. But bottom line is: Goldilocks knew what she wanted, and was willing to do whatever she needed to to get it!

Goldilocks rocks doesn’t she? We all can identify with our girl. We’ve all been guilty of the binge eating, the need for a nap, and an occasional graceful fall. We all can sympathize with her fussiness. Not one woman shuns her for it. Women salute her.

At Les Belles NYC, we’d like to give you permission to be fussy about your toothbrush too. You deserve the best! Find the one that’s just right for you. Check out the toothbrush aisle at your drug store. You’ll see more options than you can imagine, and that’s a good thing for women.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider when buying your “just right” toothbrush:

  • Find a handle that’s just right for your hand. Choose a color that is different than other member’s of your family, so there’s no confusion about whose is whose.
  • Replace your toothbrush at least every 6 months.
  • Choose the head size and shape that is just right for you. Take into consideration the size of your mouth, and what will feel comfortable. Some shapes feature a cup shape bristle that is designed to go around your teeth when brushing.
  • Correctly choosing the bristle texture is probably the most important factor when deciding which is right for you. Bristles come in hard, medium and soft. At this point in your decision making process, it might be a good idea to consult with a dental professional. Les Belle’s NYC can help guide you in choosing the toothbrush bristles that are right for you. We will take into consideration the sensitivity of your gums, any dental issues, and also help educate you on why the hardest bristle may not be the best bristle for you.

We love women at Les Belles NYC! We celebrate your fussiness and your desire for what’s “just right” for you, your family, and your teeth. Book your appointment with us today! And remember, next month is Father’s Day, so we can help you shop at our offices for the dental treatment they’ve been waiting for!

Posted on behalf of Les Belles