All Aboard! What Every Expectant Momma Should Know For The Dentist

New York NY Holistic Dentistry

Your home pregnancy test showed two adjacent pink lines! It’s positive! No, this is not a joke; you are now an official expectant momma. Are you ready for this? Have you strapped in your adjustable seatbelt and prepared yourself for the ride of a lifetime? At Les Belles, NYC we’d like to congratulate you as you embark on this new adventure that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

The dental decisions you make now, not only will affect you, but they also will affect your baby as it grows inside of you for the next 9 months. This is a good time to pause and take the time to care for the needs of your mouth, the doorway to your body AND baby!

When you are pregnant your body and mouth both change. Some dental problems that you may be experiencing may become worse. Here are a few steps to help you take good care of you and your baby during this vital time.

  1. Visit Les Belles NYC – Schedule a teeth cleaning and checkup when you discover you are pregnant. This appointment will help you lower your risk of having a dental emergency during your pregnancy. Let our dentists know if you have any changes to your dental or overall health. Your hormonal changes during your pregnancy can make your gums more inflamed and more prone to bleeding. Our goal is to provide support for healthy, happy and beautiful lives for all of our patients (including those in the womb!) Our holistic approach will give you, as the mom, a peace of mind knowing that our procedures and care are safe.
  2. Feed You And Your Baby With Healthy Foods – Did you know that what you eat during your pregnancy affects the growth of the fetus, including the teeth? If you’re pregnant, your baby’s teeth are already beginning to form. Those tiny teeth need proper vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients. They need calcium, and if they don’t get it from your diet, they will ‘borrow’ it from your bones. Choose calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurts and cheeses at least three times a day. Choose foods such as leafy green vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, peas, whole grains and fruits.
  3. Maintain Preventative Dental Care At Home – Continue brushing your teeth twice a day. Maintain your flossing routine at least once a day. If you begin to experience morning sickness during your pregnancy, you may begin vomiting more often. If this happens, your stomach acids come into contact with your teeth. These acids can cause your tooth enamel to wear. If you are experiencing an increased amount of vomiting, you may rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water. Avoid brushing your teeth right after vomiting. Wait until the acids are rinsed away, about 30 minutes.
  4. Dental Radiographs – It can be risky to postpone some needed dental treatment during a pregnancy. Delays may lead to more serious health risks such as infections, pain and even an inability to eat. If you need dental radiographs, it’s important to find a dental office such as Les Belles NYC. The dental professionals at Les Belles NYC embrace holistic dentistry. One of the basic tenants of holistic dentistry is to use digital radiographs to reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%. Patient and future patient health and safety are our top priority.

After your sweetpea is born, you’ll want to consider how to care for their dental needs as well. At Les Belles NYC we start seeing your baby at 8 months old, or with 4 teeth. This ensures every family member is on the right track to good dental health and habits.

Our holistic approach to dental care combines an integrated approach that combines your dental health and your stage of life. We know that the condition of your mouth will affect other all other parts of your body (including a baby growing in your belly!)

Call and book your appointment at Les Belles NYC if you’re expecting, or expecting to be expecting!

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