Implant Restorations

One of the best treatments for a missing tooth is to replace it with a dental implant. Implant restorations are a healthier alternative to more traditional methods of tooth replacement. The implant maintains bone density so the jawbone does not weaken with bone loss, as it does with other forms of tooth replacement.

Implant restorations are also aesthetically superior to other dental prosthetics because the dental implant looks and feels like a normal tooth. You care for it just as you do your regular teeth and will not have to worry about dropping or breaking a partial denture. You do not need special cleaning tools to keep it clean the way you do with a dental bridge. Oral hygiene is simple with an implant restoration.

Implant Repairs

While in most cases implants have a very high success rate, there are times when a problem can occur. Regular visits to the dentist will catch potential problems.

One of the most common issues with implants is a failure to integrate properly with the bone. In these cases, the implant will be removed and immediately replaced with a new implant, or a bone graft is placed and allowed to heal for a time before a new replacement is attempted. Another problem that can occur is the crown of the implant can become cracked, broken, or loose. When this happens to a dental implant, the crown will be repaired or replaced.

In general, with proper care, dental implants have a 98 percent success rate. Dr. Huang and her team of dentists at Les Belles NYC will work with you to ensure that your implant has the best chance of being successful. An implant is an investment in your oral health and we work to ensure that investment gives you beautiful, long-lasting returns.