Oral health is about getting more than just dazzling teeth. It’s about beautiful, healthy, and empowered living. It’s about helping people rediscover their own radiance through a healthy life that begins with a healthy mouth. While Les Belles is inspired by the Three Graces – Brightness, Joyfulness and Bloom – the graces of brilliance and health are also infused into the heart and soul of this practice. When you combine smiles with health, many things can happen—the beauties of life AND beautiful lives—that is the future I want for my patients.

Dr. Sharon Huang, Founder

People, like snowflakes, are as unique in their health as they are in their ability to maintain their health. Like a divine mandate, our most basic principle at Les Belles is that patient health comes first, which is why we incorporate some of the principles of traditional holistic dentistry as a means of engaging our patients in the virtues of maintaining vibrant, healthy lifestyles.

Our unique brand of holistic dentistry is a philosophy that encompasses a commitment to the truth and to common sense. Dental care should be high quality, as enjoyable an experience as possible given what it is, and a stepping stone to achieving maximum, beautiful health. When navigating the minefields that are some of the controversies plaguing the dental industry like amalgam fillings, fluoride, and root canal therapy, Les Belles takes the following stance – don’t cry wolf, investigate the truth.

Life is beautiful, but wouldn’t it be better if everyone could have beautiful lives, and then people could experience their beautiful lives together? Les Belles NYC thinks so, and that is part of our mission – to provide support for healthy, happy, and beautiful lives for all our patients, and all their friends, and all their friends’ friends.

It starts with a smile. Beautiful Lives Matter.