Treatment for Gum Disease

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Teeth are precious and vital to our well-being; they are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and critical for speech. Teeth are also important for maintaining self-confidence and self-esteem. Your teeth reflect the you the world sees. Missing teeth can compromise your confidence in your own smile. In essence, they are more valuable than diamonds and deserve protection.

While you relax, and enjoy the calming atmosphere that defines the culture at Les Belles NYC, we will gently remove all the infection-causing debris from your teeth and gums with general dentistry. If necessary, we will also provide you with a herbal mouthwash to assist in the healing process. Not only will your mouth taste and smell fresh, your gums will be restored to health and your smile will be vibrant again.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Did you know the leading cause of tooth loss for older adults is untreated or undiagnosed gum disease? Some early signs that your oral health is at risk are gums that are swollen, tender, bright pink/red, or bleeding. These are all signs an infection has set in and you should seek dental care right away. Losing even one tooth to gum disease is unnecessary, particularly when early intervention is so successful.

The most common cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush or floss your teeth properly can lead to gum disease as well as cavities. There are other factors as well. Did you know some people have a predisposition to plaque buildup? If this is the case, more frequent professional cleanings can help prevent tartar buildup. Also, certain medicines can lower the body’s resistance and make a person more vulnerable to gum disease.

Women and girls go through hormonal changes that can cause their gums to be more susceptible to disease. In addition, some conditions such as diabetes can make a person more likely to get gum disease.

The foods you eat, the personal habits you cultivate, and the way you see yourself all impact your oral health. The care you give your body should extend to the care you give your teeth. Unprocessed, organic foods produce strong, healthy bodies and quality products can promote good oral health. Our mission at Les Belles NYC is to provide you with the information and gentle care you need to make decisions about your oral health that are consistent with a healthy lifestyle.